Conformity Antidote 8-6-18: Current Events, Senior citizens fight over samples at Costco, ‘Obese’ tourists crippling donkeys in Greece, Wineries – NO bachelorette parties

  • Current Events
    • Taking a week off
    • When we go to YouTube, we will cancel Facebook
    • IRS Publication 17, Pages 23-25 – Immigrants can claim family in Mexico
    • Liberal filmmaker Rob Reiner’s ‘Shock and Awe’ disappoints at box office
    • Larry Nassar assaulted in prison, could be moved to another facility
    • Dak Prescott’s stance on kneeling
      • Journalist Carron J. Phillips, for instance, said in one tweet, “He’s happy being a lemonade serving house negro.”
  • Topics
    • Senior citizens at South Carolina Costco get into physical fight over free samples
    • ‘Obese’ tourists from US and UK blamed for crippling donkeys in Greece
    • Long Island wineries fed up with wild bachelorette parties
    • Starting FOTA (Fatties Off The Animals)

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