Conformity Antidote 8-6-18: Current Events, Senior citizens fight over samples at Costco, ‘Obese’ tourists crippling donkeys in Greece, Wineries – NO bachelorette parties

  • Current Events
    • Taking a week off
    • When we go to YouTube, we will cancel Facebook
    • IRS Publication 17, Pages 23-25 – Immigrants can claim family in Mexico
    • Liberal filmmaker Rob Reiner’s ‘Shock and Awe’ disappoints at box office
    • Larry Nassar assaulted in prison, could be moved to another facility
    • Dak Prescott’s stance on kneeling
      • Journalist Carron J. Phillips, for instance, said in one tweet, “He’s happy being a lemonade serving house negro.”
  • Topics
    • Senior citizens at South Carolina Costco get into physical fight over free samples
    • ‘Obese’ tourists from US and UK blamed for crippling donkeys in Greece
    • Long Island wineries fed up with wild bachelorette parties
    • Starting FOTA (Fatties Off The Animals)

Conformity Antidote 7-30-18: Current Events, Nude man at Planet Fitness, Rhino poachers mauled by lions, Cruise passenger suing over cornhole injury, British woman trashes house in pig’s blood

  • Current Events
    • Non-citizens, illegal immigrants now may register to vote in San Francisco school board elections
    • Child Abuse Prevention
  • Topics
    • Nude man caught working out at Planet Fitness thought it was ‘judgment-free zone,’
    • ‘Gang’ of rhino poachers mauled to death by pride of lions after breaking into game reserve
    • Cruise passenger suing over no-slip floor that caused cornhole injury
    • British ex-Olympian admits writing lewd messages in pig’s blood in lover’s home after catching him with another woman
  • Big Announcement Made!


Conformity Antidote 7-23-18: One-eyed matador scalped by bull, Woman fall into gap on Wisconsin bridge, Baseball team advertises ‘Millennial Night’, Interview with David Valarde – Composer of Mythos

  • Huge Announcement next week
  • Topics
    • Famous one-eyed matador scalped by bull in gory video
    • Video shows woman on bike fall into gap on Wisconsin bridge
    • Millennials outraged after baseball team advertises ‘Millennial Night’ with avocados, participation ribbons and napping stations
  • Big Interview with David Valarde, Composer of Mythos: The Crimson Chorus. Check out below:

Conformity Antidote 7-16-18: Current Events, Woman and mechanic die having sex in car, California’s ‘ $500/month welfare experiment, Armless man stabs tourist, Subway worker to veagan – mayo has eggs

  • Current Events
    • Thailand Soccer Team rescued
    • NATO Summit
    • London protests disrespect Trump
    • Peter Strozk testifies
  • Topics
    • Married woman and mechanic die from carbon monoxide poisoning while having sex in garage
    • California’s ‘foreclosure capital’ to give away $500 a month to residents in experimental welfare
    • Armless Miami man charged with stabbing Chicago tourist
    • Subway worker ‘shattered’ vegan customer’s ‘world’ by explaining mayonnaise has eggs
  • Join us next week for a special interview with the composer David Velarde of Mythos: The Crimson Chorus

Conformity Antidote 7-9-18: Current Events – Australia store owner stops robber with tuna cans, White woman being black, UCLA professor dies in ‘mummification’ ritual, Madonna harassing neighbors

  • Current Events
    • MAGA hat snatcher gets arrested
    • ANTIFA gets it again
  • Australia store owner pelts ax-wielding robber with tuna cans and Pringles
  • Rachel Dolezal, also known as Nkechi Diallo, booked and released on welfare fraud, other charges
  • UCLA professor dies in ‘mummification’ ritual at Hollywood executive’s home
  • Madonna told by judge to stop harassing her neighbors
  • Teaser announcements


Conformity Antidote 7-2-18: Current Events, Man sues CVS over Viagra, Northeastern Professor “Women hate men”, Man’s shoe camera explodes, Woman trashes restaurant over wrong order

  • Current Events
    • Shooting in Annapolis
    • Portland, Oregon – Portland Freedom Rally…Trump supporters attacked by ANTIFA
  • Man sues CVS after wife discovers Viagra prescription and ruined his marriage
  • Northeastern distancing itself from professor who said women have right to ‘hate men’
  • Wisconsin man’s plan to ‘upskirt’ women ruined after shoe camera explodes
  • Woman ‘trashes’ restaurant, hit owner’s car after receiving wrong food order

Conformity Antidote 6-25-18: Current Events – Immigrants at the border, Roseanne Spinoff, Fairfax school district modifies sex ed class, Moonshine operation in Alabama, Firefighters making porn

  • Current Events
    • Immigrants at the border
    • Roseanne Spinoff


  • Fairfax Co. school district passes proposals to modify sex ed, dress codes
  • Illegal moonshine operation discovered in Alabama woods
  • Ohio firefighters suspended ‘for making pornographic videos in fire house’






Conformity Antidote 6-18-18: Current Events, Man has Sheriff test meth, Tourists blast San Fran, Pregnant Male Models


  • Current Events
    • NK Summit
    • FBI Agent dances and fires weapon
    • Samantha Bee’s ‘Full Frontal’ struggling to regain advertisers
    • Radical plan to split California into three states earns spot on November ballot
  • Topics
    • Florida man drops meth off at sheriff’s office for testing after suffering ‘bad reaction,’
    • Tourists visiting San Francisco question if they’re in ‘bad side of town
    • ‘Pregnant’ male models steal the show at London Fashion Week

Conformity Antidote 6-11-18: Current Evets – Woman shaving legs at public pool, Prostitutes, British tourists fighting in Spain, Items inside inmate’s ‘birth canal” , FBI agent loses gun dancing

  • Current Events
    • CAPS, CAPS, CAPS!!!
    • Miss America Changes
    • Bill Clinton upset in interview. He is the victim
  • Woman caught shaving legs at public pool in Florida
  • Knife-wielding prostitutes, British tourists fighting
  • Dozens of pencils, 7 tweezers found inside inmate’s ‘birth canal’: Georgia sheriff’s office
  • FBI agent loses his gun during dance-floor backflip, accidentally shoots bar patron


Conformity Antidote 6-4-18: Snowflakes “r” Us Product, Current Events, Alabama terrorized by poop train, Reparations Happy Hour, Woman Panic Attack Liast, Couple rides cart to bar

  • Snowflakes “r” Us:
    • Snowflake Radical Feminist DIY Haircut Kit
  • Current Events
    • Roseanne
  • Alabama town terrorized by ‘poop train’ gets free Febreze samples
  • ‘Reparations Happy Hour’ invites white people to pay for drinks
  • Woman’s Viral List of Ways Her Boyfriend Can Support Her During a Panic Attack
  • Florida couple takes Walmart motorized shopping cart on joyride to bar